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PacificSource Dental Advantage Plans

PacificSource Dental coverage features quality benefits covering your family's needs, savings through low out-of-pocket expense, and quality care from Advantage Dental Network dentists.

Plan and Provider Network Highlights

PacificSource dental coverage features the benefits you and your family need, savings through low out-ofpocket expense, and quality care from Dental Advantage Network dentists.

Diagnostic and preventive care services are covered for all members. Includes routine examinations, cleanings, and x-rays.

Save out-of-pocket expense. You will have less out-of-pocket expense when you see a Dental Advantage Network Dentist.

Out-of-network provider coverage: For Dental Advantage Network Plans, you may choose to see an out-of-network dentist (a dentist who is not a member of the Dental Advantage Network). Deductible, higher co-insurance, and charges above the usual, customary and reasonable amount apply.

The Kids Dental Advantage 20/40/50/50 plan (child only) offers dental coverage for children through age 18 for all classes of services, as well as medically necessary orthodontia.

Dental Advantage Network and their contracted network dentists encourage preventive care services to help you maintain your dental health and avoid severe problems. Providers available throughout Oregon

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