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Why do I need dental insurance coverage?

If you are in the market for dental insurance and find yourself asking, “Why do I need dental insurance?” consider the advantages to your overall health.

The latest scientific research shows that periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, has significant links to your overall health, indicating a need to review (and possibly revise) your existing oral health routine.

One oral care recommendation that is often overlooked, is scheduling regular dental checkups every six months. Visiting your dentist every six months keeps your mouth healthy. You’ll not only lower your risk for oral infections, but also be given opportunity to an early diagnosis and treatment of more serious problems, such as gum disease.

Simply stated, dental insurance coverage makes visiting the dentist regularly more affordable.

Security Life understands that your dental insurance needs are unique, so we are committed to finding you the right dental plan to meet those needs. Our PrimeStar dental insurance plans offer affordable dental insurance coverage with the option to see any dentist and additional savings by going in-network.

Security Life's PrimeStar dental insurance plans also offer:

  • No enrollment fees
  • Free dental quotes
  • 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Dental coverage for individuals 18+, including seniors
  • Two dental exams per year
  • Up to $2,000 annual maximum
  • Optional vision coverage
  • MaxCare network┬áprovides over 200,000 access points nationwide

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